Discover How To Beat Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

Anxiety relief

Could hypnotherapy be better for you than CBT or counselling?

Anxiety freedom system

Medication for Anxiety / Depression in the form of antidepressants is often not the answer.  You are trying to medicate with chemicals a psychological problem.  Many meds take a long time before effects are noticed and they often have nasty side effects.  However before taking or stopping medication always consult your GP.

The anxiety freedom system is a different approach.  It is a psychological solution that gets to the roots of the Anxiety.  If you fix the roots then the nasty symptoms go too.  Anxiety always seems to have its root in childhood even though it may not show itself until later in life.  Depression is a need that is not being met in the present.  You were not born with anxiety.  It is something you have learnt and are still practising and perfecting.

One feature of our mind is that the subconscious cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality.  This is why you can become emotionally disturbed by a film or a television program. You know it is not real but you can still cry or be scared. When the imagination gets to work the same brain chemicals are released as if it was real.

Because its an unconscious problem you often do not need to tell the therapist much.  The root of the problem is not known to to conscious awareness which means you suffer the symptoms but have no idea how to stop them.  If you did you wouldn’t be seeking help in this way.  There may be thousands of reasons for anxiety but by going into the subconscious and finding the problem you can be greatly helped.

Hypnotherapy works best with people who have agood imagination.  If you have anxiety you have a fantastic imagination.

Anxiety, what is it?

It is not a chemical imbalance in the brain.  That theory was debunked years ago. It is a serious reaction you your environment and how you see it.  The subconscious cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination so it doesnt matter whether you have good reason to be anxious or not.  It is very real to the sufferer and they cannot just “snap out of it” without help.

Medication in the long term doesnt seem to be the answer as it just masks the problem.
Hypnotherapy has a good track record with anxiety and unlike counselling and CBT you dont need to tell the therapist your life story.  Your subconscious knows what it is reacting to and that is the part we work on.

It is worth noting that if you are female and over 40 there is a good chance things could be made worse by the menopause


How Hypnotherapy helps Stress Conditions

Imagine your mind is like a cruise liner.  When they are ready to sail someone gives the order to go out to sea.

Then the crew spring into action and the ship sets sail.  At some point an engine starts to play up and the crew tell the captain that they need to slow up.

The captain overrules them and tells them to maintain speed.  What happens? The captain is like your conscious mind, it gives the instructions. your subconscious mind is like the crew and if one or more of the crew are not happy they shout and if they are not listened to they slow up or even go on strike.

Stress is a call for action and the resulting conditions like Anxiety and Depression are ways of slowing you up and protecting you.  Hypnosis allows the therapist to go in and negotiate with the subconscious to find what is upsetting it and then produce a resolution.