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There are some people who may not even be able to look at the picture on this page.  That is a phobia.  Others may be perfectly happy as long as they dont have to pick the spider up.  That is a fear.

Of course you may be fine with spiders but scared of something else, snakes, heights, flying, clowns, needles etc.  There are hundreds of different phobias that we know are irrational yet they still cripple us with fear. They are a form of anxiety but more specific. For instance some one may have a real fear of heights yet be quite happy on an aeroplane. With fear of flying it could be a fear of crashing and dying but also might be lack of control or even claustrophobia.

Sometimes we do know the source of the problem, i.e. if you were bitten by a dog when you were very young, that could develop into a phobia because you did not know the signals at that age as to whether the dog was aggressive or not.  However your brain remembers the pain and now associates that with all dogs. Equally the fear can be a learned behaviour that you learnt from watching your parents and how they reacted to their nemesis. Remember in our early tears it is most likely that your main teacher was your parents. If they act in a certain way you see it as normal and tend to copy the behaviour.

Either way it is just a trigger that sets off a pattern that ends with a horrible feeling or emotion.  Human beings are very patterned in the way they work. it is a bit like short code on a computer. we create these subconscious patterns to help us with our daily lives. Sometimes though what our brains think is a helpful patters is not very helpful at all in real life. Although the brain is trying to protect us it is not much use if we cant say walk across a park because there might be a dog or a snake roaming free. Hypnotherapy can change these patterns so that what was ending in total fear now ends in a calm nonchalance.

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