Effects of the Menopause can Start as Early as 40

Discover how women can reduce symptoms of menopause

It might surprise you to realise I am a man writing about the menopause but sooner or later all women go through the menopause and it is a pity that so few male or female therapists or even GP’s ever consider it as contributing to the problem. 

 It can be a particularly distressing time for women. Symptoms usually start around the age of 45 but can be earlier. Underlying medical conditions or some treatments such as cancer therapy, even smoking can bring it forward. The symptoms can also last for 10 years. The symptoms may vary and very often therapists and even doctors give little help or advice.  

The symptoms of menopause can be dramatic and even debilitating but they can also be quite subtle. All women have their own experiences, i.e. if you are female and over 40,  perhaps with recent unexplained anxiety or low-mood, or maybe a sudden spike in symptoms such as hot flushes or night sweats for no apparent reason.  Perhaps other symptoms such as loss of libido or vaginal dryness It is worth finding out if menopause could be the driving factor. One thing that is often noticed is an increase in Anxiety

Many people do not realise that hypnotherapy can be very helpful at alleviating the symptoms.  Unfortunately it doesn’t feature in the mainstream training which means even female therapists are not clued up on how the menopause can exacerbate things like anxiety, depression and just day to day brain fog.  It doesn’t really cause the anxiety or depression but can make it a lot worse. There can also be other symptoms such as itchy skin which is rarely tagged as an effect of changing hormones due to the menopause. Here’s the problem, without considering these hormone changes, therapy is likely to be less effective, or take much longer.

If however you have a competent therapist willing to understand and consider menopause, provide effective hypnotherapy and resolve the symptoms using direct subconscious levers, then you can go through this important change without fear or worry. The therapy is mainly content free which means you do not have to re-live any traumas in your life by talking about them.

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