Discover Past Life Regression

Do you think you have been here before? Maybe you have a recurring dream about a place, or perhaps you have Deja Vu experiences. Whether past lives are real or imagined is immaterial. Some people believe in them and some dont. However they are real to the person who experiences them. 

There is certainly a lot of evidence but evidence and proof are two different things. The fact is that from a therapy point of view many of the roots of your problems today can often be found in a past life.

It seems that sometimes deep in the subconscious a memory (real or imagined) of an event in a time before we started this life remains and can be acted on by the subconscious. These memories can have serious effects on our lives today. I have treated eating disorders where someone has gone into a past life and believed they were poisoned by food in Victorian times. Sometimes pain has a root in a past life. While this may seem to some a bit woo woo many find great help from past life regression. All it takes is an open mind. If you are interested in this please contact me.

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Past Life Regression