Get Your Sparkle Back

Finding the old you again

Does it feel like you are in a rut? Just lost your sparkle? You might not actually be suffering depression but life has just lost its excitement.  Maybe you are just anxious that you are simply getting old.  Perhaps you no longer have that get up and go feeling.

Whatever the reason then this program is for you.  While similar to programs for anxiety, this program for depression aims to rejuvenate the blueprint for life that you were born with.  It is an intensive 3 or 4 session program to get you going again, to make you radiate happiness and smile.

We believe everyone is born with a clean blueprint for life but soon “life” comes along and the blueprint starts getting tarnished.  It is like a set of plans that get tea spilled on them, a bit of wine, a dead kebab and so on until we no longer can relate to our blueprint.  Just in the same way as our computer gets cluttered up with fragments of data, so does our brain and every so often we need a defrag too.

This program helps you get rid of those thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, memories, people and events that are simply no use to you now, today. They are all from the past and no use in the present.  With all that out of the way it is easy to build in a new happier more exciting future.

So when you want to get your future back get in touch!

get your sparkle back