Relationship Recovery

A powerful relationship recovery program to get you moving on again

The relationship recovery program is for when you have come out of a relationship but can’t get it out of your head.  You know it had gone sour but it still keeps bothering you.  Maybe you still love part of that relationship but it’s over?  Possibly your self-esteem and confidence are shattered. It could be that you have been cheated on or even cheated yourself and regret it. The ]Relationship Recovery program is also for people who have lost a partner, loved one or even a child through death. it can also help where perhaps through divorce or family disagreements you are alienated from your children or grandchildren.

Moving on may be difficult but by using a 3 stage program I can get you back to your old self, leaving behind that relationship and enabling you to find new pastures.  Very often you are missing the security and comfort that the relationship gave you, even though it may even have been violent or abusive.

It is as if some part of you that felt safe and secure is now leaving you feeling anxious about the future.  You may have been in that relationship so long that it is like you have forgotten how to recover and forge new relationships. It isnt just that though. There may be a lot of shame or guilt if say you cheated on someone. this can also mean you are subjected to violence or abuse. there maybe a lot of hurt if someone cheated on you. this can lead to low self esteem or even social anxiety.

The program is content free which means that unlike counselling, I am not going to get you to relive all the bad bits or even the good bits.  In fact you could just sit in the chair and tell me absolutely nothing about the relationship.  The emotions you are feeling are rooted deep in your subconscious so you are not able to consciously shift them.  You can tell yourself how bad the relationship was and how you are better off without it all day long.  It doesn’t make the feeling go away.

The relationship Recovery is usually done in  a way that we call content free. This is a method that doesn’t require much detail from you. There is a choice. some people find it helpful to talk about their problems and if that is you then I am a good listener. Equally there are many people who do not want to keep talking about their problems because they find they are re-living them.

The content free view is that although consciously you do not know why you cant get over someone your subconscious however does. By gently working with your subconscious we can gently get it to release anything that it needs to to get your life back. You may have no idea what has gone on but it doesnt matter because you feel better.

 I just create the opportunities for your subconscious to release, what it’s holding on to and then build up your confidence and self-esteem.  It is a very gentle process but also very powerful, enabling you to get back in control. While you may never forget the relationship, it is like you have shut it away in the basement. you could open the door and go down there but simply have no need to.