Session Fees

Unlike many hypnotherapists, I believe in transparency and am happy to show my prices on this website.   I have low overheads because I own my own therapy room which means I am one of the least expensive hypnotherapists in the area.

Please note price is per session and unlike many therapists not per hour. I dont clock watch and a session can be up to 2 hours for the same price as many charge per hour.

Unfortunately due to one or two people booking sessions and then not showing up I am now requiring a £10 non refundable deposit prior to the first session for normal hypnotherapy and payment in advance for packages.

Except for smoking, where I am happy to say I am likely to be the most expensive.  But who else in this area will give you a years guarantee?

If the only thing stopping you from booking is money then please contact me and I will still try and help you.  After all, how much is your health worth?


Previous clients   25%

Members of UNITE union 25%



General Hypnotherapy

£ 80
Per session
  • General Hypnotherapy
  • Specialized Hypnotherapy
  • Some of my therapy, where 3 or more sessions are needed may be discounted. Contact me for further information. Please note a £10 non refundable deposit is now required before the first session


Multi Session Therapy

£ 350
Per package
  • Anxiety Freedom (5 sessions + 1 free)
  • Weight Loss (5 sessions + 1 free)
  • With either package if you feel that it is not for you then you can opt out after the first session and only pay the normal fee for one session. Payment must be made in advance


Serious About Giving Up?

£ 500
With Guarantee
  • Includes a years guarantee
  • £250 with 6 months guarantee
  • £150 without guarantee

    Yes it is probably the most expensive package around but who else will give you a guarantee?
    For a 20 a day smoker you will save around£3000 in the first year