Stop Smoking In One Session

It is probably the best thing you will do for both your health and pocket!

Yes I may be expensive but who else has the confidence to give you a guarantee that they can keep?

Stop Smoking

Still dying for a fag? Stop smoking in 90 minutes!

There are many good reasons to stop smoking, but people will find it easiest when they have got to that “enough’s enough” stage.

Your demise is someone’s corporate gain.  That’s right, it is in the interests of profit and the tax man that you slowly  suffer a painful demise.

It is an expensive cancer mortgage that you never pay off until you stop smoking or die.  It robs your energy and health.  Because it also affect the skin people often age more quickly.  You get out of breath more easily so you even feel older.

It smells and it leaves that stale ashtray smell wherever you smoke and go.  While around half the people who smoke die from it, if you do, it is likely to be a slow and painful death unless you are lucky enough to have a massive cardiac arrest.

Despite all this, I know it isn’t easy.  Old habits die hard as they say and that is what smoking is, an old habit! It can be hard to stop smoking but a habit can be broken

The largest meta survey of smoking cessation methods put Hypnotherapy as the number one way to give up. Read it here

What am I really doing to myself?

Apart from burning around £3500 a year (average 20 a day smoker), cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, most of them pretty nasty and some just downright deadly.  

Nicotine, the bit that gives us a buzz is natures strongest insecticide.  The smoke contains carbon monoxide which is better known for killing people who get near faulty gas installations.  It takes the place of oxygen in your blood and prevents the cells from operating properly.

This is one reason smokers have less energy.  They cannot get enough oxygen in to their body.  Then there’s the tar that clogs up the lungs.  The cells lining the lungs have little hairs that are supposed to brush out dirt and keep them clean but the smoke paralyses the hairs and the tar sticks inside your lungs.  

Smoking can also lead to fatty deposits in the arteries, meaning a heart attack is more likely, or other circulation problems.  Some people have amputations directly from smoking blocking the blood flow to their limbs. If you want to stop smoking contact me today.

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15 year timeline of when a smoker quits

20 Minutes After Quitting

Heart Rate

The heart rate and blood pressure drop back to normal levels.

20 Minutes After Quitting

12 Hours After Quitting

Carbon Monoxide

The level of carbon monoxide in the blood drops to normal.

12 Hours After Quitting

2 Week After Quitting

Circulation and Lungs

Circulation and lung functions improve.

2 Week After Quitting

1-9 Weeks After Quitting

Smoker Norms

Constant cough and shortness of breath become less pronounced and the tiny hairs lining the lungs start to work normally again , cleaning them and reducing chance of infection.

1-9 Weeks After Quitting

1 Year After Quitting

Heart Disease

The risk of getting coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.

1 Year After Quitting

5 Years After Quitting


The risk of contracting mouth, throat, oesophagus and bladder cancer is half of what it is for smokers.  The risk of cervical cancer and stroke fall too.

5 Years After Quitting

10 Years After Quitting


The risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of smokers.  Risk of pancreatic and larynx cancer also decreases.

10 Years After Quitting

15 Years After Quitting

Heart Disease

The risk of heart disease is equivalent to that of a non-smoker.

15 Years After Quitting

Here' are the deals...

If you really want to stop smoking how about this year I save your life and put £3000 in your pocket?  And then in subsequent years you have another £3500.  Yes that’s right you pay me £500 and I am with you for a whole year.   Any relapses in that year and it’s straight back in for another free session.  £500 may sound a lot but even a 20 a day smoker will be back in profit in just 2 months.  

I know other therapists are much cheaper but do they give you the same service and results to help you stop smoking?  I am interested in those of you who are serious about giving up.  

If you are just “thinking that giving up would be nice” then please do not waste your money with me, there are plenty of other therapists desperate for your money.  Figures are based on 20 a day smoker , the savings will be higher the more you smoke.

The sooner you stop smoking, the better your chances of avoiding the various horrible fates of the smoker.  Within just a few minutes the body is starting to take steps to recover.

Whilst nothing works for everyone hypnotherapy consistently shows up in surveys as the best method for quitting the habit, because that is what it is, just a habit.  But isn’t it highly addictive? No! A 20 a day smoker lights up roughly every three quarters of an hour but can happily go to sleep for 8 hours or even more.

You can go on a flight for several hours with no side effects other than being a bit tetchy.  Real addicts can’t do this.  There are severe withdrawal symptoms if a drug user or alcoholic stops.  A smoker can stop just like that with very little or no effects.

Forget the idea that you are addicted.  It’s just a habit and when you realise that it becomes easier because you know habits can be broken.  It is also not part of your identity.  You are not a “Smoker”, it is just something you do.

£500 The gold standard with one years guarantee. It may look expensive but you will soon be back in pocket and saving health and money. Ask around and see who else has the confidence to give you a guarantee that they can keep. You may find the odd lifetime guarantee which looks good but is it? They offer no refunds just return visits in the hope you will get bored of constantly returning to the therapist.

Then they can blame you for not being committed enough. My guarantee is real. I hold the money for a year and if it genuinely hasn’t worked for you then I will get bored of constant sessions and refund your money. No smoking cessation works for everyone. If anyone claims 100% then they either haven’t done many or are lying.

£250 As above but with 6 months guarantee which when you consider many therapists charge similar to this without any guarantees it is a fantastic deal.

£150 Still a great option as the therapy is the same but like ordinary  hypnotherapists there is no guarantee

Read the timeline to the left then get in touch below to stop smoking.

I saw John online for stopping smoking. He is friendly, thorough and put me at ease straight away. The session went really well, and I’m very happy to be a non-smoker now after 40 years! Would highly recommend.
Michelle Seymour
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